Summer vacation travels & Currently

Farley @Oh' Boy Fourth Grade is having a linky party and I'm joining the fun.

The last question is all about trips.
WISH you could go here
WENT here this year
WANT to go here this summer

I have always wanted to visit Greece.  The country is so beautiful - at least from what I can tell from the pictures I've seen.  Plus, I love, love, love Greek food!

My family went to San Antonio for spring break.  We used to live in San Antonio so it was great to go back and visit our friends.  Plus, I love Tex-Mex!  Are you seeing a theme, here?  I love food!

I would like to take a road trip this summer to see the Giant Sequoias.

Here is a printable your students can do when they return from summer vacation.  Students draw a picture and write about their vacation.  You may have to help some of your students brainstorm what they did and where they went during their time off.  Not every child travels to an exotic location during the summer.  Maybe they went to see Grandma or spent the weekend at their friend's lake house.  Afterwards, put pins on a map showing the locations of your students' summer travels.


Students can also show the travels of your class on this map.



Jessica said...

I would love to go see the Giant Sequoias too!

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Lisa R. said...

Greece is on my list of places that I want to see too! Thanks for the freebie. :)

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