Common Core Tips for Parents & Teachers


I am so excited to tell you the news!  There are two new blogs "on the block" that you need to check out.  These blocks are the brainchild of my blog buddy, Mor.  You've probably seen some of Mor's lessons on pinterest or her blog, A Teacher's Treasure

The first blog is called Common Core Classrooms.  This blog is for teachers and will have freebie / pay lessons, ideas, and tips for incorporating Common Core standards.

The second blog, called Common Core Kid, is for parents.  This blog will give parents ideas and lessons/activities that parents can use with their children that are aligned with Common Core standards.  HINT!  The next time a parent asks you "what can I do to help my child / enrich my child?"  give them a link to this blog.  This would be a great resource to give your parents at Back to School night or at your parent conferences.

BLOGGERS:  This is a collaborative blog which means Mor can only accept 100 authors.  I wrote my first post for both blogs today.  Both blogs were in my top 10 sources of sites that sent traffic to my blog.  Join the fun now before it's too late.  You can contact Mor @ FACEBOOK.


Arlene said...

Great post Michelle. Thanks for sharing these great sights.
LMN Tree

Mor Zrihen said...

Thanks for the shout out Michelle :)