From the Streets of San Francisco



Does anyone remember this show?  What does this show have to do with education you ask?  Well, I'll tell you . . . today my family became foster parents for two kittens.  These kittens were from the streets of San Francisco or at least near there.  Here are pictures of our new additions:

They are both males and are approximately 10 1/2 weeks old.  They have spent their first day in our family playing with each other.  At the shelter, they were kept in separate cages so I think this was reunion day for these two brothers.

These boys are inspiring me!  I have all of these ideas floating around in my head for a future pet unit.  Plus, I want to write some mini-readers about the adventures of these two guys.

I need your help with naming these cuties.  My family has been talking about names today but we can't find any that "fits" these guys. 

Cat #1:  He loves to play but hasn't learned how to share yet.  When he gets ahold of a toy he keeps a tight grip.  No one is going to take his toy away from him.  He is kind of a unique cat because he was born with extra toes.  He didn't want to pose for an up close picture of his feet so I found this picture on the internet to show you what it looks like.  It seems like he is going to be a people person cat.  When he's not busy pouncing on his brother or jumping on my computer he enjoys being petted.  His fur is fluffy and I think he might end up being long haired.

Cat #2:  He has very sleek, short fur that is extra shiny.  He looks like a panther when he walks.  He frequently crouches down and pounces on his brother.  Many times he is jumping from a high place to attack play with his brother.  The two boys rolled around all over the office today.  My office now looks like a tornado hit it.  He was getting very rough when playing today so I put him in timeout in a pet crate.  He cried loudly for his brother.  He quickly learned his lesson and played more appropriately afterwards.

Although I originally thought this would be a wonderful learning experience for my daughter, I quickly found out that I had a lot to learn, too.  I grew up on a dairy farm with many, many, many cats so I thought I was an experienced cat-mom.  Do you know this book?

Today I learned there is a big difference between a city cat and a country cat.  I don't think my country cats were near this playful.  Some of this could be due to these cats living in a cage at the shelter so our office seemed like a big open space.  A cat on the farm is used to wide, open spaces.  

I would love to hear your suggestions of names for our "boys".  If we choose your name or names, you can go shopping at my TPT store.  You can choose 3 lesson packets and I'll email them to you.  


Nicole Rutledge said...

I love you story of your two cats. They are so cute. So Names - here we go.

Cat 1 - As I read your post all I could think about was the birds on Finding Nemo that kept repeating "Mine, Mine, Mine." So maybe Nemo.

Cat 2 - As I read this blog and your description of a tornado, it reminded me of toddlers, and when my child hit the age of 3 is when they began getting a little crazy during play time and we had learn what was acceptable or not. I always called that era the tornadic threes. So I am thinking the name Tornado.

Hope these help. Can't wait to hear what you name them and hear more stories.


Michelle said...

Congrats Nicole! You may choose 3 lessons from my store.