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This is the blog post I wrote for the Top Teachers Blog Hop and Swap when I was a guest blogger on Jennifer's Best Practices 4 Teaching blog.  I thought I'd share it on my blog in case someone missed getting the freebie.   

It seems like every year a teacher's job gets more challenging. Testing, documenting, and all the other tasks don't leave much time to get all of the other tasks done that is also part of the job. One way to help with the “plate is too full” syndrome is with school helpers, your parents. Parents are often an untapped resource. This packet has a few ways I've used school helpers through the years. I explain the duties of the different jobs at Back to School night and ask for volunteers.
   The added bonus of having involved parents is that it builds trust with your parent population. If one of your parents has questions about what is going on in your classroom, they will frequently ask for input from your school helpers. School helpers are ALWAYS amazed at how hard a teacher works. They quickly assure the parent that all is well in your classroom and will usually give some examples of some great things they've seen in your room. Your school helpers are often your informal ambassadors! 

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Keri Kelly said...

This is a great resource...thanks so much for sharing. I agree about the parent is difficult to get used to at first, though.
Love your blog!


mrsjanellebush said...

I am your newest follower. Please follow my blog too. I love sharing ideas with other teachers.
Mrs. Janelle