Reading Center

Have you been browsing through the new school supplies at Target?  I found a great deal on colored composition books today.  They only cost 50 cents!  I love all of the bright colors . . . the colors just scream - do something with me!

What could a teacher do with colored composition books?  Colors would be a great way to organize a reading journal center.  Each reading group could be assigned a different color.  There would be an assignment sheet hanging where the journals are kept so students can see that day's assignment.  Here are a few examples of assignment sheets for you.  They are aligned with Common Core Standards.  There are a couple of assignments for grades 1-5.

There are also labels for the journals:
Click HERE to get a FREE copy.


Jenna said...

I loved the idea (from Pinterest, naturally lol) of cutting notebooks in half, also. This can be done with spiral and composition notebooks and you get twice the notebooks!

Michelle said...

Yes, I wrote about it. Here's a link: