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If you've read my blog much, you'll know that I am a big believer in using the five senses when you teach.  Sensory flashcards are a great way to add the sense of touch to your curriculum.  You can use either colored glue or puffy paint to make sensory flashcards.  Click here if you'd like to make your own puffy paint.  I bought my puffy paint at Wal-Mart for 98 cents.

I like to use sensory flashcards when I meet with my reading groups.  I give each student a sensory flashcard.  Students use their pointing finger to trace the letters while quietly saying the letter as they trace it.  After tracing the letters, they read the word.  When everyone has traced and read their word, I say "pass" and they pass their word to their right.  The last person on the right will put his/her words in a stack.  The first person on the left will take a word off the stack of extra cards that I put next to him/her.  This is a great way to review sight words, vocabulary words, or word wall words.  You can also use this same format with blends, digraphs, or letter identification.

Here is a free printable for you:


For those of you who have bought my "Buggy for Reading" packets, you can use the word cards that come with those packets for this activity.  To make it easier to keep track of the reading level of the cards, I printed the word cards on colored paper that matches the border on the front cover.  Here are examples:

The green cards are from this packet:

Click to go to my TPT store.

The blue cards are from this packet:

Click to go to my TPT store.

The Buggy for Reading packets come in levels:  Pre-primer, Primer, and First.  

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The more senses used, the better. Thanks!
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I love the sensory flashcards. Thank you for sharing about this. =)

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Thank you so much for joining up with my linky party! This is a great way to get my kids engaged!

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