Back to School Blog Hunt - Day 26

I hope you have been enjoying our Blog Hunt.  Hopefully, you have some new ideas and lessons to try out this year.  I thought I would share my Wall of Fame with you since the beginning of the year is the perfect time to set goals.

Goal setting is a skill that should be taught through out the year in all grades.  One easy way to teach goal setting with primary students is with a "Wall of Fame".  You need a fairly large wall or you can even use your windows.  You will need several different categories/goals that your students will work to achieve throughout the year.   Try to have a mixture of simple, moderately challenging, and challenging goals.  Have a simple goal that most can achieve right off so your students will buy into the Wall of Fame.  For kindergarten, a simple goal might be identify basic shapes or colors.  For first grade, a simple goal might be letter identification.  When students achieve the goal, let them write their name on a small cutout such as the ones below.

My students write their name on a shoe when they can tie their shoes, plus I give them a piece of shoelace licorice.  They hang their shoe under the sign (above).

Students sign their name on a pencil when they can write their first and last name using upper and lower-case letter correctly.

Students write their name on a piece of popcorn when they identify all of the letter sounds . . . you know the sounds that "pop" in their mind.

My students study letter sounds using the Popcorn Sounds homework program.  When all of my students know their letter sounds, we have a popcorn party.  

In my packet are 2 editable signs that you and your students can use for your own goals.
Click HERE to get your own copy.

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Unknown said...

I agree with this, especially the part about goal setting. Goal setting is such an important skill to have.

Sara at school said...

Terrific idea!