In July, I became a foster mom to two kittens through a volunteer organization of an animal shelter.  The foster parents give kittens, cat, puppies, and dogs a home temporarily until they can be adopted.  Since the pets are being socialized in a home setting they have an easier transition to their "forever home".  Foster parents take kittens to the vet to be spayed or neutered when they reach two pounds.  At that point, kittens are ready to be adopted.  The last step of this process is taking the animals on weekends to the local Petsmart.  Each weekend from noon until 4, Petsmart shoppers can visit with our pets and hopefully find a new addition to their family.  This weekend my "boys" found their forever home.  I am so happy that they were adopted together because they were not only brothers, but best buddies.  Here are a couple of my favorite pictures of them:
They both loved to play hide and seek in my plants.

Our schnauzer wasn't quite sure what to think about her foster brothers at first.

Have you been thinking about getting a class pet this year?  If so, let me take this opportunity to tell you how wonderful Petsmart has been to our organization.  Petsmart provides storage space for the cages, tables, and other supplies we use each weekend.  They also keep some of our adult cats that are available for adoption at the store in case someone wants to adopt a cat during the week.  They provide the food and litter box supplies for these cats.  The Petsmart employees have been very friendly and helpful, too.  At a time when many business are cutting back on their giving back to the community, Petsmart is setting the bar high for how it should be done.   Please consider shopping at Petsmart the next time you need a new pet or pet supplies.  

Petsmart takes donations for homeless animals.  For this next week, I will donate all of the proceeds from my Pets Fluency Center to the Petsmart fund for homeless animals.

Graphing your favorite pet (whether you own it or want to own it) is a fun get-to-know activity at the beginning of the school year. Click on the FREE graph above to get your copy.

Here are a few books about pets you can share with your class:



stephanie said...

Amazing, thank you the warm and fuzzy story.

Michelle said...

You're welcome!

Michelle Gaetjens said...

Thanks for the freebie!! Love your blog post today!

Mrs.G's Kindergarten in Heels

teachukaren said...

Very nice story. My husband & I found a gray cat on our patio this summer. She was very sweet & followed me all around my garden. We finally took her to our local animal shelter. After being there for five days & no owner showing up, we adopted her. Gracie now is at her new forever home & we love her. This being the fact that we are not cat people. We just had our cockatoo put to sleep & really didn't want another pet. We shop at Pet Smart all the time. Thanks.