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'tis the Season to go shopping.  Fa la la la la  . . . .  Yes, it's the most wonderful time of the year . . . time to shop for back to school.    While I can't help you with your purchases of school clothes, I do have a few tips when it comes to shopping for lessons for your class on Teachers Pay Teachers.

TIP #1 Update your Software
Save yourself frustration by updating your software before you begin shopping online. On a Mac:
1.  Go online
2.  Click on the Apple at the top left corner
3.  Click on software update
4.  Update all of the software that needs to be updated before you shop online

On a Mac computer it will look like this:

Make sure your Adobe Reader is updated.  This is the program that allows you to open and read PDF documents which is the format of most documents on TPT.  Sometimes you will see a symbol that looks like this on your dock:
If you were notified that there was a software update available, but you didn't click yes, this symbol will show up on your dock.  You can click on that icon later which has a link to update your software.  Click on that and update your software before you shop online.

*Black bars on documents
*Blurry documents
*Big black squares
*Message that says "corrupted file"

TIP #2 - TPT Tech Support Staff

Do you have a tech question when you are downloading a TPT lesson?  Can't open a zipfile?  These are tech questions you ask the TPT tech support staff, not the seller, so you'll get your question answered quickly.  The TPT staff are there ready to help you. When you have any type of technical difficulty, you need to contact the tech support department of TPT.   I have used their services many times.  They are an amazing group of people!  You will love them!

To contact the tech support team:
The "contact us" is found at the bottom of the screen.  

TIP #3 Zipfiles

Lessons on TPT are sold in different formats.  The format I get asked the most about is zipfiles.  A zipfile has more than one file compressed together in a zipfile.   Mac computers can open zipfiles without additional software.

In the past, when I downloaded a zipfile, the file automatically went to my download folder. When I use Google Chrome the zipfile goes to the bar at the bottom of the screen.  I then have to double click to open it.

If you have a PC, you need a program such as winzip to open zipfiles.   

TIP #4 Product Overviews & Previews

I can not stress this tip enough . . . look carefully at the product overview:
and download the preview if there is one available.
Many frustrations and disappointments are due to not reading the product overview carefully.  Don't assume anything!  If you want to know if something is included in the packet, click on the "ask a question".  Ask your questions before you purchase the lesson.  

TIP #5 Editable

If you are able to type on a document in the lesson being sold, a seller will usually use the term "editable".  In order to type on the document, you need the correct software.  Most of the time, Powerpoint is the program you need.  But, once again, do not assume this is the program.  Ask before you buy!

I hope these tips help you have an enjoyable shopping trip!

I am joining Fern @ Fern Smith's Classroom Ideas linky party.  Click on the picture below to find more great tech tips.

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Valerie said...

These are great tips! You should get Paul to post them somewhere for our new TPT buyers ;)

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Katie Jones said...

I have a Mac. This sounds great.