Fall is my favorite season so I have been busy making some fall-themed packets.  This freebie packet has a few fun lessons I thought your students might enjoy.


Making Words - Scarecrow and Pumpkin

Students cut the letters out at the bottom of the page.  Arrange the letters to make different words.  Write the words that are made from the letters on the recording sheet.  This can be used for homework, as a center, or even a timed activity.




Words with Fall & Word Bank

1.  Students will brainstorm a list of words that have the word fall in it.  This can be done individually, with a partner, or as a team.
2.  Share fall word bank.
3.  Choose 3 words from the fall word bank to use for the "Fallin' for Words" assignment.

Click HERE to download this file.


Are you looking for more Fall ideas and lessons?  Head over to All Students can Shine. Valerie is having a Fall linky party.

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