Marble Jar with a Fall Twist

Remember the marble jar?   Your class earned a marble each time they walked quietly in the hallway, earned a compliment from another teacher or any other guidelines you may have setup.  When the jar was filled up, your class earned a special prize.

Tip #1: This system never seemed very effective when I used it.  It started off great, but it quickly lost its "power".  I think the secret is to put fewer marbles in the jar.  Less is best in this case.  

Tip #2: I also think the years that you have "that class" you need to change the incentive frequently. You know the class that when you arrive for art, music, or computer the teacher takes a deep breath and says "Oh!  It's your class again."  No matter what age the student, with this class you need fewer marbles and you need to change your prize for filling the jar each time. This type of class is much harder to keep engaged in anything . . . academics, behavior plans, or organizing their materials. When you have this class you need to stock up on chocolate, your favorite drink with caffeine, and Tylenol.
Tips #3:  Change what is in your marble jar to keep your class engaged.  Add some seasonal fun to your incentive jar: September - nuts, November - turkey feathers (you can find them in the craft section at Michael's), December - snowflakes, and the list goes on.

Target sells packet of nuts (6 in a packet) for a dollar at the Dollar Spot.  The bucket is a dollar, too.  A dozen nuts fills the bucket.

You can use these happy notes to promote good behavior on an individual basis. You don't have to write anything on the note, just pass it out when you see something great!  

Cheryl Dorsey, one the followers of my FB page, had a good idea.  She suggested calling these acorns instead of nuts so students with an nut allergy won't have anxiety about the activity.  Thanks Cheryl!

Instead of using acorns, you could use apples.  Sometimes you can find small apples like these in the floral department at craft stores:

Here's an happy note with an apple theme:

Here are some books to go along with the fall theme:


For more great fall ideas, visit Shuna @ A Pocketful of Kinder's linky party.


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