November Trace, Write, Draw

Time, there's never enough of it, right?  I think I've found a way to save you a little bit at school.  This center should be a snap to set up.

Additional supplies:  Markers or highlighters for tracing the letters, pencils for writing the words, and crayons for coloring the pictures.


Make one copy for each of your students of this page.  Students will trace the words in the boxes, write the letters in the blank boxes, and then write the word on the line.  Students will draw a picture that includes all the words.

STEP 2: Different extensions for different groups

Each group begins with the same piece of paper.  Since classes are made up of such a wide variety of ability group, there needs to be some extensions.  To save you time copying different assignments and to save you time answering questions, you will post these signs in the center.  Team signs and extension signs come with the packet.

Extension #1:  

Extension #2:

 Extension #3:

All of the words (19 altogether) from the 5 assignments are on cards like these:

There are cards with a colored background.

There is also a version with a white background so you can save money on ink.
This can be set up as a word bank which will be needed to do one of the extension activities.

You can purchase this for $4 at my TPT store by clicking on the picture below:

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