Show 'n tell - day 1


Today is day #1  for show 'n tell tips.

Show 'n tell can be organized different ways.  Many people mistakenly think it is for kindergarten or first grade students.  You couldn't be more wrong!  Show 'n tell is a great way to enrich your lessons at any age.  It a fun homework assignment that most students will actually remember to do.  Here are a few examples that I've done in the past:

Show 'n tell theme:  Fairy tale unit
*Bring something that can be found in or near a moat
*Bring a royal object 
*For older students:  find a castle on the internet that gives tours, download information/pamphlet to share with your class

Show 'n tell theme:  Celebrations Around the World
*Bring an object that represents the country we are studying
*For older students:  bring an article/news report about the country

Show 'n tell theme:  Simple Machine
*Bring a picture or example of the simple machine we are currently studying

Show 'n tell theme:  Patterns
*Wear an article of clothing with a pattern
*Extension assignment:  draw pattern from clothing

Show 'n tell theme:  telling time
*Bring something that tells time
*For older students:  bring example of time pieces from different time periods  (i.e. pocket watch)

Here are a couple of forms you can use to let your parents know about your show' tell theme.

Click HERE to download these forms.

Just like students have show 'n tell, I thought I'd do the blogger's version of show 'n tell by sharing a couple of my packets and a couple of packets from my friend, Fern @ Fern Smith's Classroom Ideas.

Regular price:  $5
Sale price:  $4

Regular price:  $5
Sale price:  $4

Fern's packets are great because they take a minimum of time to make.  You copy and cut with a paper cutter.  If you use card stock, you don't need to laminate.  What could be easier?

The packets I am sharing today are my Working with Words packets.

Regular price:  $5
Sale price:  $4

Regular price:  $5
Sale price:  $4

The primary packet has a train-themed worksheet that would a great addition to a Polar Express unit.  Each packet has nine activities that are easy to set up.  All you need to do is copy the worksheets and you have a literacy center ready to go.  Students can use these worksheets with word wall words or spelling words.  A great way to save time during a hectic time of the year!

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1. Why did you create your blog?
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5. How much time do you have to spend to keep your blog up to date?

Thank you so much for your time!

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