Idea Book - cure for Writer's Block

I realize it is cold and flu season, but have your students caught writer's block, too?  You offer suggestions but it doesn't seem to fix the problem.  They can't think of anything to write and they don't like your ideas either.  What do you do?  The next time this happens, tell them to get out their idea book.  It seems to cure writer's block!

The easiest way to make idea books is to set it up as a center.  Each student needs a 4 1/2 X 6" photo album book.  You can usually find inexpensive ones at the Dollar Tree.  You also need to stock your center with magazines, catalogs, and scissors.  Students will cut pictures out of the magazines and catalogs and add it to their idea books.


The next time your students can't think of something to write about, have them take out their idea book and look through the pictures they cut out of the magazines and catalogs. Students can glue the pictures in their writing journals or on their writing assignment and add details to the picture.  Students will need to restock their idea book from time to time.

I have an idea book freebie packet for you.  This packet comes with:

Parent note asking for photo album, magazines, and catalogs.

Planning sheet is included.

Use these as labels for photo albums.

There are different papers so you can differentiate this writing center.

Students can glue the picture on this writing paper and write a story about the picture.

Click on the picture if you'd like a free copy.  
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Lisa Mattes said...

Sooo super cute!! Thanks for the great pack!!
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~DeAnne~ said...

Awesome!! Thanks so much!!

First Grade and Fabulous

Angela Smith said...

This is a great idea. I also have a crate of pictures I have cut, mounted, and laminated for this purpose in my writing center. I have found some real gems over the years (sumo wrestler in a tutu, football player wrapped in bubble wrap, a group of kids covered head to toe in mud), and the kids love working them into their writing when stuck.