Winter Wiggles call for brain breaks

As a child, winter can be a great season when you live somewhere that has cold weather.  But, for teachers it is another story.  Does it seems like lately your students can't get along with their own shadow?  Have you noticed more tattling lately?  More trips to the nurse?  Have you been sending your principal more clients?  It's probably due to the lack of sunshine or fresh air, too many inside recesses, close confined spaces, and all of the winter viruses that are floating through the air.  No wonder you're reaching for the bottle of Tylenol by 9 a.m.

This week try something a little different.  Break up your day into shorter increments.   If you have a buzzer set it for 15 minutes during long stretches of time so you won't forget.  When the buzzer rings, it's time for everyone to get up and do a stretch break, sponge activity, brain break, or whatever you call it.  The bottom line is, when your students get grumpy, make them move more. Here are a few resources for you to try:


This site has videos and games for students K - 12th grade.


Your Therapy Source has the perfect freebie for brain breaks.  Print it off and laminate it.  You will want to keep this list handy!




A pinterest board full of activities that you can use.  I hope this cures the winter wiggles!  :)

This is my absolute all time favorite CD!

Greg & Steve are guaranteed to get your kids up and moving, too!


I am linking up with Denise @ Sunny Days in Second Grade's linky party.  Hop over there for more great winter ideas.

Click on the picture below to find more great freebies!

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SunnyDays said...

Thanks for joining my linky and sharing such great ideas! Believe it or not, I'm relatively new to brain breaks, so I really appreciate this post!
Sunny Days In Second Grade

~DeAnne~ said...

Thanks Michelle. I love the links!! Thanks for sharing!

First Grade and Fabulous

The Brown-Bag Teacher said...

I love the Brain Breaks grid! Thank so much for sharing, Michelle :)

The Brown-Bag Teacher