Math Facts Tip

I am very excited to announce that today I have a guest blogger.   My friend, Fern, at Fern Smith's Classroom Ideas is going to share a tip to help your students learn their math facts.

I love Fact Family Flash Cards!

It shows the children the relationship between multiplication and division. You can also just give your low students a few at a time to master. By targeting in on just a few at a time, it is not so overwhelming.  These fact family cards are made from the free paint card samples at Home Depot. It only takes 13 for one set and I like to use the different colors for different numbers. I always ask the paint people, complete geek that I am, so the only thing you need is a Sharpie marker and your time! 

Other Ways To Make Free Flash Cards
Fern Smith's Classroom Ideas


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Writing Center: story starter

I just stumbled across this new site that would make a fun center.  Students click on button to get a story starter.  There are over 13,000 story starters so each student in your class would write about something completely different.  Think about how interesting your sharing time will be when you aren't listening to 10 versions of the same story.  I love this site!


Here are some free papers you may download to use for your center.

Click HERE to download.

Freebie Fridays

Fern Smith's Thursday's Tech Tips for 


Tick Tock - time activities

My friend, Fern and I just finished another combo packet.  She made the math activities and I made the language arts activities.  This time our theme was time (no pun intended).  I have a free sample for you, too!
Here's a sneak peek of what this packet includes:

Did you like Mad Libs as a kid as much as I did?  As a teacher, I think they are a great way to review parts of speech.  With "Add to It Stories" students will review parts of speech with the stories that are about time.  There are also parts of speech and a time word bank included to provide additional support. 

This packet also comes with 5 morning messages that are about time.  Answer key is also included.

Students sort long Ii and short Ii words with the Tim's Ii Sorting Center.  Then they record their answers on the recording sheet.  There are 36 word cards included and different recording sheets so you can differentiate this assignment.

The reading comprehension test prep is for the story, Clocks and More Clocks.  It comes with four question signs, four answer signs, and a comprehension worksheet.  Answer key is included.

Students sort card with times into party time groups and time to sleep groups.  This center is self-checking.  There is a colorful version and a black & white version.

You've probably done the traditional sequencing a story activities . . . beginning, middle, and end.  This math center has a new twist to that!  Students sequence the story using the time written on the cards.  

Students will match the time on the card to the clocks with this center.  This can be used as a memory game or as a sequencing activity.  

I have a freebie for you, too.

Click HERE to get your free sample.

Cost:  $5
Click HERE if you want to purchase this packet.

I also found some other activities to supplement your unit about time.

Books online




Bedtime Bandits

Train Times