Show 'n Tell - Sale

I was just strolling down memory lane with some of my friends this past week.  I began teaching in 1990 which was a long time ago - at least in teacher years.  Teacher years are kind of like dog years.  There have been so many changes since 1990.  When I first began teaching the only places to get teacher resources was use the materials the district provided, make my own, visit the local teacher supply store, order from a catalog, or borrow from a colleague.  About five years ago, I discovered teacher blogs.  I was amazed at all of the ideas I could find in cyberspace.  It was so nice to find other teachers who were sharing the same experiences as me.  It was a kindred spirits moment!  Then a little over a year ago I stumbled across Teachers Pay Teachers.  Finally!  A place who knew what teachers needed because they are/were teachers.  What could be better?!!!  Now I have a store and I still shop at TPT.  I know many of you were like me and spent last Sunday shopping for bargains at the TPT Super Sunday Sale.

This week, Denise's theme for Show 'n tell is showing what we bought at the TPT's Super Sunday sale.  I love to see what everyone else bought because then I find some new sellers / stores that I want to follow.  It's a little like looking for buried treasure. 

I am always looking for borders, frames, and clipart.  I found some cute stuff.


I found these from KB Konnected.  Aren't they adorable?

I love anything Ashley makes!  I can't wait to use these.  My measurement packets have been popular lately.  Now I want to make some more measurement packets using these.

These are amazing!  I used these today and they saved me so much time!  I revised two of my fluency packets today.  I changed the writing assignment to include these.  I love how it looks.  Check it out:

I made a few other changes, too.  If you've already purchased my Pets fluency packet, you may go to "my purchases" to download the revised version for free.

Click HERE to visit my store.

This is from my first fluency center packet.  I revised the writing page and some of the other pages.  You can download the new version if you've previously purchased it.

Click HERE to visit my store.


Fluttering Through First Grade said...

We couldn't agree more! We love being able to have so many ideas at our fingertips (almost too many) and also to see things that have been attempted and were indeed successful! It's also wonderful to know that we are helping out other teachers as well. Makes our hearts happy!

Fantastic sale scores and love your sentence units!

~Christy & Tammy
Fluttering Through First Grade

Mrs. M said...

Thank- you for sharing! I've been looking for lines like these :)