Discipline Tips & the Constitution


Have you ever had a class that just doesn't gel together?  It seems like you spend more time with conflict management than actual teaching?  Sometimes it is a matter of too many leaders and not enough followers.  Other times it is one or two personalities that affect the chemistry of the class.  

Those are the years when it is helpful to discuss the history of our country and why the Constitution was written.  Just like the people in the original 13 states were going in different directions and lacked a common purpose, so are your students when you have this type of group.

One of the ways to get your students "all on the same page" figuratively and literally is to write a class Constitution.  First, read the book Shhh! We're Writing the Constitution!

You can also watch this Schoolhouse Rock video:

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I have free printables you can use when you write your class Constitution.

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Don't forget!  Our framers knew that there would need to be changes in the future to the document so they included a method to do that.  Our country's Constitution is a living document.  You may need to revisit your class Constitution through out the year when your students have fallen off track.  Let your students know that yours is a living document, too.

Constitution week is September 17 - 23.  I just added a new packet to my store that would be a perfect addition to your lessons.  This packet includes interactive journal printables, mini-book, and informational text center.  It is on sale right now.

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