Mayflower - A Trio of Fun!

I know many of you who follow my Facebook page have had a chance to try out my Sentence Shuffle Sentence. But, did you know I also have a series called Sentence Shuffle Trio? This is a packet that contains a Sentence Shuffle Center which is a fun, hands-on way to strengthen your students' fluency skills plus it has two of the following:
  • Mini book - perfect for your reading group lessons and then send it home 
  • Built It *Write It*Draw It - works on sentence structure, fine motor skill, reading, decoding, and art. 
  • Interactive Journal printables - these can be used with notebooks or glued on construction paper. 

Each Sentence Shuffle Center has word phrase cards. There are 8 sentences included. There is a black and white version which is ink friendly. This picture shows the black and white version which I copied on colorful paper. Students stack the phrase cards on the special page that is included in the packet.

Students take one card from each stack to make a sentence. Sentences may be real or nonsense sentences. If there is time, students may shuffle the cards and make new sentences.

After they finish reading sentences, they complete a writing assignment. There are 3 different writing assignments so you can differentiate this center. (see picture below)

There are 3 different printables included to use with interactive journals. Assignments include:

Beginning, middle, end: use it with any book about the Mayflower
Mayflower facts: shown in the picture above
Mayflower: write and draw things about the Mayflower. This is open-ended so you can adapt it to fit your class' needs.

8 Build It*Write It*Draw It worksheets are included.

Students will:
  • Cut up the words 
  • Put the words in the correct order 
  • Glue the words in box 
  • Copy the sentence on the line 
  • Illustrate the sentence 

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Fern Smith's Classroom Ideas said...

Another terrific packet!