Turkeys, turkeys, and more turkeys


Turkeys are such funny birds and have an interesting history.  Studying these turkeys is a great way to integrate science and language arts.

This site has some interesting information about turkeys.

The turkey facts - "Great Gobblers" center includes:
  • 24 picture and word cards
  • 2 recording sheets
  • 1 interactive journal - Turkey Facts
  • Answer key

The "Gobbling Up Plural Nouns" center includes:
  • 24 plural noun picture cards
  • 2 recording sheets
  • 2 signs
  • Answer key

The "Gobble Up Syllables" task card center includes:
  • 11 task cards
  • 2 recording sheets
  • Answer key

"Turkey Time" includes:
  • 2 vocabulary interactive journal printables
  • Venn diagram interactive journal printables
  • Tell me More! (dictionary skills) interactive journal printables
  • Answer key
"All in the Family" includes:
  • -ar, -er, -ir, -or, -ur interactive journal printables
  • -ar, -er, -ir, -or, -ur resource signs

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