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Do you follow my Facebook page?  If so, you are probably familiar with my Buggy for Reading packets because that was one of my recent freebies.  I just finished a Christmas themed Buggy for Reading packet.  It is on the first grade reading level.

This packet contains:

Five reading assignments are included that you will use when you meet with your small groups.  You will rate your students' fluency at the bottom of the page.  Send the page home for homework.  The parents will rate their child's fluency the next two times that they read it.  

When your students have finished reading all 5 pages and returned their homework, give them the happy note above.  You can have a FREE copy of it.

The Sentence Shuffle activity can be used as a small group lesson or as a literacy center.  Students cut apart the sentence, rearrange the words into sentences, and practice reading the sentences.

Buggy for Writing is an extension assignment for the Sentence Shuffle lesson.  Students may choose one of the sentences to glue on this page, copy the sentence, and illustrate it.

 Students will circle the first letter with a green crayon, circle the last punctuation mark with a red crayon, trace, and copy the words on the Write On! assignment.  This can set up as a writing center or sent home for homework.

These 18 cards can be used a variety of ways.  Use them to introduce new words during your small group lesson.  Make two copies of the pages and make them into a memory game.  Copy these pages, put them on a shower curtain ring to make a personal word wall.  Students would love the hands-on aspect of having their own personal holiday word wall!

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