Spanish - English: Read, Read, Read!


Bilingual teachers have asked me for copies of my Sentence Shuffle Centers in Spanish.  I have uploaded my first one and plan to make more.

This first one includes the English and Spanish version of this one:

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I am calling this Spanish-English version Read, Read, Read because there are many different ways that your students will be reading the 8 sentences that this packet is about.

If you download the preview file you will see the page above.  This page shows you the 8 sentences that are included in this sentences so you can see if this is an appropriate level for your students.  The reading level is 1.0 - 1st grade.

Combine one card from each color to make a sentence from the word phrase cards.  I used a different font for each language so you can easily separate the cards. You can use these cards with your whole group lesson in a pocket chart.

The same word phrase cards can be set up as a center.  Students stack the cards on the page above.  The is a colorful version and black & white version of the cards.  You can also make this into a file folder activity which is perfect practice for your early finishers.

After making sentences with the word phrase cards, students will record their answers on one of the top two pages above.  The bottom page can be used for students who want to write a story.

Students will have more practice reading the sentence with this Just My Size book.  Each page has the English sentence at the top half of the page and the Spanish half at the bottom.  Students can either illustrate the book or use the picture match page.

The 8 sentences are on small cards along with matching pictures.  Copy these on card stock and use this in a literacy center.  Students will read the sentence and match it with the correct picture.

The cards can also be used as a memory game.  One more way to practice the sentences.

The answers are included for the center so your students can check their own answers.

Students will choose one picture card to write a sentence or story about on the page above.

After seeing all the different ways that your students will be reading these sentence, do now see why I titled this packet "read, read, read"?

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I have another lesson packet with this same format that is about pets.  

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