Black History Month Resources

One of my favorite units to teach is Black History Month.  I love to study about the contributions by famous African Americans.  My students are always surprised by how many things they use that were invented by African Americans.

Garrett Morgan invented the traffic light.  Students will make a traffic light cookie.  Parent note asking for supplies and teacher tips are included.  After making the cookie students will write a "how to" on the paper above.

Benjamin Banneker invented the Farmers Almanac.  Set up a center with almanacs.  Let students go on a scavenger hunt and answer the questions on the page above.

P.B. Downing invented the first street letter box (mailbox).  Combine Valentine's Day and Black History month by having your students make Valentine's Day mailboxes.  A parent note asking for supplies is included.

William Purvis invented the fountain pen.  Depending on the age of your students, either let them use ink pens or fountain pens to write their spelling words or word wall words on the page above.

Dr. George Grant invented the golf tee.  Let your students practice their math facts by putting golf tees in playdough.  There are different addition and subtraction worksheets included with this packet.

George Crum invented the potato chip.  Let your class have a crunch off!  A parent note is included asking for different types of potato chips.  Students will taste the different chips and then graph their favorite one.

Dr. Daniel Hale Williams performed the first open heart surgery.  Many school participate in the Heart Association's Jump Rope for Heart in February.  Included is a jump rope rhyme.  Your students will find the rhyming words.  Then they will write their own jump rope rhyme on the template included with the packet.

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I found some more resources that will enrich this unit.





Garrett Morgan (video)
Click HERE for the link.

Benjamin Banneker (video)
Click HERE for the link.

George Crum (video)
Click HERE for the link.

Dr. Daniel Hale Williams (video)
Click HERE for the link.

I found some books that would enrich your Black History month unit.  Click on the pictures below to read more about them.

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