Syllable Thumpers

Have you given your class a quiz so you will know your students' learning style and multiple intelligence?  There are many different tests out there.  Here are a few:

Click on picture.

Click HERE for the Multiple Intelligence inventory.

When I plan lessons, I try to incorporate as many of the learning styles and multiple intelligences as possible so that I will meet my students' needs.  When I introduce syllables to my students, I like to use syllable thumpers.  We make thumpers out of oatmeal containers or containers that are the similar size and shape.  We decorate them.  We thump on our container when we count syllables.  This is a little noisy, but students love it!  

I just finished a Syllable Thumper Center packet that is patriotic themed.  This would be a great addition to your Presidents' Day lessons.

Included in this packet are:

  • 4 syllable cards
  • 18 picture cards that students will sort

Two different response sheets are included so you can differentiate.

There are two different pages that students can choose from to decorate their syllable thumper.

A parent note asking for supplies is also included.

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