Change is Stressful!

Are you going through changes at work this year?  If your district adopted Common Core, you are probably going through big changes!  Change is stressful for everyone.  But, it seems like it is harder for some people than others.  Why is that?

My favorite class in grad school was called Changes.  My masters degree is in administration.  We all know that schools are continually changing as the pendulum swings back and forth so, this seemed like the perfect class for a future administrator.

We took different personality tests in class.  We had to understand ourselves first before we could understand the teachers we were going to lead some day.  Then we discussed the different personality types of my classmates and how they would respond to different scenarios.  We gained valuable insight doing this.  Plus, this helped me in later years deal more effectively with the changes I experienced.  

Here is a personality test you can take  If you google, personality tests, you can find many others.

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I found a couple of articles with helpful advice you might want to read.

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I think you will be able to quickly identify who is the supporters, worriers, resisters, and militants are your school.

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How are the administrators at your school helping the staff implement change?

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