Organizational Tip: Pencils, Glue sticks, and other small things

How many times have you had this scenario play out in your classroom this year?  You begin a lesson and tell your students that you need them to get out a pencil, crayons, or other supplies when two or three students raise their hands.  It is usually the same two or three students.  You know why they are raising their hands before you even call on them.  These are your students that rarely have the supplies to complete their assignments.  It is kind of like your sock mystery at home.  You know how your washer magically eats 10% of the socks it washes.  There are usually 10% of your students that magically lose their supplies.  Their parents have sent in many boxes of crayons, packages of pencils, and glue sticks but somehow they always seem to disappear when it is time to use them.  It is frustrating to you and their parents!

I found something new that you might want to try with your ten percenters.  These students need a spot that has easy access when it is time for lessons and won't get lost in their no-man's-land desk.  It is called Hand-e-Sack Stick & Store.  Have you seen these?

(Click on picture)

It is like a pocket for your desk.  How great is that?!!!!  Now instead of rummaging through their desk and wasting valuable class time, your students will have their pencils, crayons, and other needed supplies at their fingertips.

These can be used in so many different ways.  

Do your students use lockers?  These are small enough to fit inside a locker.  The velcro is sturdy and will easily attach to the side of the locker.

Is your grade level departmentalized?  Do your students take their supplies with them?  With these handy little helpers, your students are ready to go in a jiffy.  No more nagging and waiting for students to find what they need.

Attach these to the back of the chairs at your reading group table.  You can store flashcards, pointers, or other supplies that your students need for your lessons.

Does your P.T.A. have class grants?  I have served on P.T.A. committees before.  We wanted to fund activities or resources that could benefit a large group of children.  A class set of these would be a perfect thing to write a P.T.A. grant for or apply to Donor's Choose. 

I do have a special surprise for my followers!  Michelle @ SeatSack.Com has donated a class set of these for me to giveaway.  To enter, go like SeatSack's Facebook page and follow me on Bloglovin'.

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Fern Smith's Classroom Ideas said...

These are amazing!

Garden Full of Knowledge said...

Wow! So cool! What a great invention! Thanks for the great giveaway!

Unknown said...

These are exactly what I need for my second graders!!!! I've been searching for something like this!