Sub Plans Tips

I have often thought that one of the reasons why there are so many viruses in a school, is because teachers go to work sick.  Not just sniffling and sneezing kind of sick - but full on "I feel like death warmed over" kind of sick. Why do they do this?  It's because teachers hate to prepare for subs.  Most find it easier to go to school sick, than prepare for sub.  

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Prepare before you get sick is the best advice I can give you.  The last thing you feel like doing is trying to think of all the details to tell a sub when you been up and down all night with a sick child or your own sickness.  So, when you go back to school in August to prepare your room for a new year, add sub plans to your "to do" list.  You will be glad you did!

Jump into Summer with a Math Freebie

Happy Summer!  It always feels more like summer after Memorial Day, even if you aren't out of school yet.  

The end of the school year is always a good time to reflect and make changes. Fern and I decided we wanted change our Thursday Throwbacks a little.  There will only be the two of us, but you will still get a freebie each week. So, don't forget to stop by our blogs each Thursday.  

We are also adding something new this summer.  Summer is a great time to catch up on your reading.  I love to read teacher blogs and the latest teacher idea books.  Stop by Fern's blog and my blog each week for Tuesday Teacher Tips.  We are going to share tips about classroom management, managing school supplies, working effectively with parents, and other helpful things that we have learned through the years.  We hope you will share your ideas, too.  Each week we will choose one person who shared a tip on our blog who will get a $10 shopping trip.  We will announce the winner in the following Tuesday's post.  The winner for June 3rd post will be announced on June 10th's post.

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FREE Father's Day lessons

Have you started your summer vacation yet?  If not, I have a new freebie that you can use. This freebie is a mini version of my morning message packets. The theme of this packet is Father's Day.  It is a quick and easy way to review phonics skills.  There are three printables included plus answer keys.

There is a girl and boy version of this page.

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Like these?  Check out my morning messages for the grade levels below:

Freebie Fridays


Phonics Fun for Everyone!

I am so excited to unveil my latest creation!  I have had so much fun making these because they have a bunch of clipart.  I don't know about you, but I seem to have a clipart addiction!  I can't wait to get started on my next bundle of these.  But, first I want to give you a peek into what I made in case you are looking for something for your students.

This packet includes 4 different mini books.  Although I use the term "book" loosely.  These are actually mini workbooks that reviews those important phonics skills.    You know those skills that we go over and over again, like blends, digraphs, and word families. Each book has ten pages.  You can use these different ways.  Use them for seat work.  Put them in a center and assign 2 pages a day.  Each book would be a week's worth of work.  The packet would be a month's worth of center work.  Each book has a theme.  

To make it easier for you, each page has copies of the same page so all you have to do is make the number of copies that you need.  Don't forget you need to divide your number of students in half because there are two books per page. Cut it in half, staple it, and you are ready to go.  It is a paper saver!

The garden themed book would be a nice addition to your plant unit.  Skills in this book include:
  • Blends: pl
  • R-controlled vowel: or
  • 2 syllable words
  • 3 syllable words
  • Word family: -ake
  • Facts and opinions
  • Synonyms
  • ABC order
Here is a sample page:

Answer keys are included so you can make this a self checking center.  

Here is an snapshot of the Garden book.

The summer book includes the following skills:
  • Write: summer bucket list
  • Adjectives: words that describe summer
  • Word family: -and
  • Synonyms of ice
  • Compound words
  • Blends: sc
  • R-controlled vowels: ur
  • Digraph: sh
  • Writing: in the summer
Here is a page:

The ocean book includes the following skills:
  • Compound words
  • Blends: cr
  • Writing: there once was a blowfish
  • Bonus math page:  addition
  • Short and long vowels: E
  • Seahorse: other words that include horse
  • R controlled vowels: ar
  • Contractions
  • Plural nouns
Here is a page:

Here is a snapshot of what is included:

The school time book can be used at any time of the year.  

Skills include:
  • Synonyms of color
  • Dictionary skills
  • Book character
  • Word family: -ope
  • Bonus math page: fractions
  • Writing: a scientist observes
  • Topics I like to write about:
  • Antonyms: play

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Gifts for Volunteers: Parent Helpers

Parents play an important role at the elementary level.  You can find them in the work room copying for their child's teachers, sponsoring field trips, and helping with all the numerous activities sponsored by the P.T.A.  This month for the Bright Ideas Blog Hop I wanted to share ways to show them appreciation at the end of the year.

Through the years, I have been fortunate to have some really amazing parent and grandparent volunteers.  I felt like my students benefited in so many different ways from all of them.  At the end of the year, I knew I wanted to do something to thank them but what makes the best gift for a volunteer?  

Through trial and error, I think I found the answer.  Hands down the class book seemed to be the most popular.  I have done different versions but the books worked the same way.  During journal time I have each of my students write a page about the volunteer.  The students can write about a memory, how the volunteer helped our class or helped him/her personally.  You will be pleasantly surprised about what your students will write about your helpers. I take a group picture of my class and put that on the front cover.  These journal assignments are my students' bell work the last month of the school year when we have quite a few volunteers.  All I have to do is write the name of the volunteer on the board.  

If your time is limited or your schedule is hectic, you may want to do a thank you picture.  You have 8 students hold one of the letters that say "thank you".  These students sit in the middle of the picture.  The other students can line up behind and beside the letter holders.  

Here is an example of how I had my students arranged.  I had the ones holding the letters for "thank" sit in chairs.  The students holding the letters for "you" sit on the floor.  The others students stood behind the chair and sat next to the students on the floor.

How do you show appreciation?


FREE Memorial Day resources

Memorial Day is a time when we stop and remember the men and women who died while serving in the armed forces.  There have been so many conflicts in recent years, that many of our students are touched by this.  I feel strongly that we as educators should find the time to teach our students the real meaning of this holiday.

Fern and I have new packets that you might want to use with your lessons.  As a special thank you to our loyal followers, these lesson packets will be free for a short time. 

This packet includes 3 interactive journal printables and 4 fluency task cards about Memorial Day.

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Teacher Appreciation Sale

I'm sure by now you've heard the news.  TPT is having a "We Love Teachers" sale.  If you use code TPTXO at checkout you will save 10%.  

I also want to show teachers my appreciation for all you do so my entire store is marked down 20%. 

Sales are always the best time to stock up on bundles.  Bundles are already discounted and then with the additional savings of this sale, it is a super-scoop!  

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