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I have often thought that one of the reasons why there are so many viruses in a school, is because teachers go to work sick.  Not just sniffling and sneezing kind of sick - but full on "I feel like death warmed over" kind of sick. Why do they do this?  It's because teachers hate to prepare for subs.  Most find it easier to go to school sick, than prepare for sub.  

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Prepare before you get sick is the best advice I can give you.  The last thing you feel like doing is trying to think of all the details to tell a sub when you been up and down all night with a sick child or your own sickness.  So, when you go back to school in August to prepare your room for a new year, add sub plans to your "to do" list.  You will be glad you did!

I asked teachers who follow my Facebook page for sub tips.  Here are a few and you can read the rest of them by looking for the graphic at the top of this post on my Facebook page.

Do you have any sub tips to share?

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ksquirkyteacher said...

I create a binder with information tabbed for the sub. I include pictures of the students following the expectations (sitting on the carpet with marker boards, raising their hands, using classroom hand signals, etc.) to give photographic evidence of what the kids are expected to do. I also design my sub plans with each subject on its own page. This makes it easier when I am gone because I don't have to change the parts of the day that don't change (attendance routines, lunch/recess, etc.).

susanlulu said...

Would you believe our county does not hire subs anymore unless it is a "special" case? If we are absent, the kids are divided up between classes or something else is done like this.

Mrs. Teacher said...

Often substitutes are people who are waiting and hoping to receive a contract teaching position. Yet, they will come in, not follow plans (even when detailed and everything left out for them), leave the room a big mess, and not communicate anything (like leaving a note at the end of the day).

First of all, do not be disrespectful by refusing to do what I have asked. This is my classroom, not yours. I once had a music sub come in, completely disregard my detailed and clear plans, and proceed to play her flute that she brought for all the classes. Really lady? I was so unimpressed.

Other times I have come in and literally had furniture rearranged. Garbage left on the floor. Stuff everywhere.

Dishonest notes, like "everything was great!" and then I talk to the principal or another teacher who tell me what a disaster the day was and how they had to step in and get the kids back under control.

When you sub in someone's class, you are leaving an impression. I have a large network of friends and colleagues and I will happily recommend you far and wide if you are any good.