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This week I got an email from Melanie, a fellow TPT seller.  She asked me if I would be willing to look at her new Journal Writing Resource that she recently finished.  

Although I don't know Melanie, personally, as soon as I saw her blog, How many of us who either sell lessons on TPT or buy lessons or both, can relate to finding inspiration in the teacher's lounge?  Isn't her blog adorable?!!!  I felt like I had found a kindred spirit.  After looking at her Journal Writing Resource packet, I knew this would be something my followers would enjoy finding out about.  Plus, Melanie has a FREE sample for you, too.  How great is that?!!!!

This journal resource has 136 pages and is full of writing ideas for elementary teachers.  These activities can be used for your writing plans plus I thought of some bonus uses for the lessons in this resource.

The packet has monthly journal covers and journal prompts.  These would be a great way to show growth throughout the year.  Keep them in your students' portfolios and then bundle them together at end of the year for a special gift.  This would be a very inexpensive gift and one that parents would love for years to come.  

Use these to prepare your students for the quarterly writing prompts.  There are over 100 journal prompts so I'm sure you'll find some that are a good fit for your class.

Have you made your emergency sub plans yet?  Include a few of these with your plans. There are prompts about holidays, seasons, and general topics.

Melanie has a free sample for you to try.  Click HERE for the FREE sample.

Click HERE to purchase the Journal Writing Resource for Educators.

Don't forget to visit Melanie's blog because she is beginning a new line of resources for educators.  The next one is about Classroom Management and will be finished soon.  Click HERE to bookmark the page.

While Melanie compensated me, these opinions and experiences are my own.  

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