Back to School: Ice Breaker & Idioms

When you go to a party and don't know very many people, how do you connect with people?  Do you try to find something that you have in common?  Shared experiences?

You can give your students that same experience and incorporate figurative language at the same time.  Introduce the "I've been in your shoes" idiom to your class.

Next your students will need a partner or you will need to put them in small groups.

Give each partner or groups a discussion card.  This card has topics that your students will share about their experiences with their group or partner.  They may not have experienced every topic, but they should share their experiences about at least 2 of the topics.

When your cooperative groups finishing sharing their experiences, students will go back to their tables or desks and write about one of the students in their group that they have been in their shoes.  Students should tell who they shared a common experience with and how these experiences are alike.  When students finish writing, have them share their stories with the class.

Would you like to do this cooperative activity with your class?  It is a free download.

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Teaching Eternity said...

I really do like this idea! As an ESL teacher I have to ask - do you explicitly teach the meaning of "I've been in your shoes"? Also do you read the questions on the cards out loud before sending the kids off to discuss - I'm thinking of my first graders who aren't confident readers at the beginning of the year.

Ms. Tina Petrick said...

What a fun activity! Thank you, Tina

Michelle said...

Hi Michelle,

Yes, with ESL students I spend more time teaching the meaning of the term "I've been in your shoes" before we do the activity.

Thanks for stopping by!

Sally said...

What a fun activity! I can't wait to see how my kiddos do!

Sally from Elementary Matters

Lilly Rowling said...

Hello Michelle,
I've bookmarked this post and returning back to thank you for the lovely idea of teaching idioms. I tried it with my student today and it was a super hit. The whole class had a great fun and every student loved it. Thanks for wonderful idea, keep it up.
Lilly, UK