Classroom Pull-outs: Tips and a FREEBIE - Tuesday Teacher Tip

It is hard enough to keep up with all the things in a busy teacher's life, and when you add all of the extra pull-outs to a teacher's schedule, it is very easy to feel overwhelmed.  Of course, you want your students to receive all of the extra support that they can get, but it is also very easy to forget to send your students to the correct place at the correct time.  What is a busy teacher who is well-intentioned to do?

How do you keep up when you are juggling so many different schedules?    Are you familiar with the expression many hands make light work?  This is the perfect time to apply that philosophy.  Make a reminder note for each of your student that receive support through a pull-out program.  Click HERE to download a free reminder.


You can color code this reminders.  Color code them by the day, if it is a one day per week pull-out.  Example:  Students that go to the counselor once a week could have a blue reminder. Or you can color code them by the type of pull-out.  Example:  all of the students that go to speech could have a green reminder.  All of the students that go to the reading specialist could have a yellow reminder.  

There are also reminders for students who receive more than one support service.

Are you a techie!  Click on the links below to use technology reminders.

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