Improve Handwriting with Technology

Do you cringe when you look at some of your students' work because their handwriting is so messy?  Does it take twice as long to grade some of your students' assignments because you spend so much time deciphering their writing?  If this sounds familiar, then it is time to take a tech approach to solve this problem.

If you have a document camera, you can easily incorporate mini-handwriting lessons when you are teaching other subjects.  

In the picture above, I am using the Hue Document Camera with a Morning Message lesson, which is a great way to review important reading skills.  

I have taught Morning Message lessons using chart tablet paper and a large dry erase board.  These are fun approaches, but using a fat marker didn't lend itself to a handwriting lesson.  

When you use a document camera, your students get an up close and personal view of your hand, how you hold your pencil, and the way you write your letters.  Plus, there is something magical about when you turn the lights off in the classroom.  Suddenly, students pay attention better and there is less discipline problems for me, which is an added bonus. 

Integrate a mini-handwriting lesson while teaching Morning Message is simple with this handy little tool. Click on the picture above to get a free Morning Message lesson.

When I was contacted by the company that makes the Hue USB camera, I did some investigating to see if this would be something my readers would be interested in using.  I checked out their site and then visited Amazon to see what it would cost.  As we all know, schools are cutting back on their expenditures and teachers will never make the Forbes' Rich List .  I was pleasantly surprised to find that you can purchase one of these on Amazon for $49.95.  That a reasonable price for something that could be used every day.  Your PTA might be willing to purchase some for your school once you tell them about all of the benefits.

Click on the links below to find out more information and to find out other benefits of using this.

Hue Document Camera

RSA Animate style of video

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