Multiple Intelligence: Music in the Classroom

Thanks to the internet, incorporating music throughout your day is easy. There are many free and inexpensive sources available with just a few clicks.  

Music can be used to set the atmosphere of your class. Play music when your students arrive in the morning. Songs you might want to try:

  • Play before your lesson begins to set the theme.  Ask your students to guess the topic of the lesson based on the music. 

Music can enrich your holiday lessons, too.

Veterans Day themed music includes:

Tribute to All Veterans and Service Members
3:46 minutes
Click HERE to view to this.

Thanksgiving music videos:

Nakai: Earth Spirit - Native American music
Less than 1 minute
Click HERE to view to this.

Native American Indians Spiritual Vocal Shamanic Music
4 hours
Click HERE to view to this.

Sacred Spirit - Chants and Dances
44 minutes
Click HERE to view to this.

Do you study Christmas Around the World?

On Spotify, you can listen to a free version of the instrumental music by West Edge String Quartet from the Christmas Around the World album.  Use the following songs when you study these countries:
  • Carol of the Bells: Ukraine
  • Wexford Carol: Ireland
  • The First Nowell: England
  • A La Nanita Nana: Spain
  • Riu, Riu, Chiu "El Lobo Rabioso": Spain
  • Coventry Carol: England
  • In the bleak midwinter: France
  • Silent Night: Austria
Would you rather listen to an advertisement-free version of this album? Click HERE to purchase a copy.

Do your students study other countries in social studies? Do they write research reports or make a powerpoint presentation about their findings?  Why not include the national anthem of the country that they are studying?  Here are a few examples:

Are you starting a weather unit?  Play one of these songs:

The videos with music below are versatile.  Set these up as a computer center, show during inside recess, play the music during circle time or cleanup time.

How do you incorporate music?

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