Writing Centers for an Entire Month

Are you looking for a writing center that you can set up up for the entire month? It is a center that is quick and easy to set up. Once your students learn the format the first week, you (hopefully) won't have to spend too much time go over instructions for the center the following weeks. Each week your students will complete a writing assignment. There are two to choose from. One has three words and the other has the three words from the first assignment plus an additional word.

There are group signs included in case you put your students in writing ability groups. There are also 9 extension cards that you can use to differentiate these assignments.
In the picture above is an assignment from my November packet. It is football themed. I found the football shaped bowl at Dollar tree. There is also a seasonal sound box in the picture. It is a freebie. Click HERE to download the free seasonal sound box. Sound boxes are a great tool to set up with writing centers or use with your Guided Reading lessons. This football assignment could also be used around the Super Bowl time.

I love the There was an Old Lady Who Swallowed series. The leaf assignment would be a perfect extension when reading the There was an Old Lady Who Swallowed Some Leaves. This assignment is in the November packet but could easily be used September - November. Some of the assignments in this writing center packet series has assignments like these that can be used at different times of the year. This is nice when you have those weeks that you don't get to everything or you have interruptions to your schedule. Did you see the plastic leaves in the picture on the sound box? I found them at Hobby Lobby.

You can set this up like a traditional writing center. Or if you have a class with a wide range of abilities, I would recommend using the extension assignments. The easiest way to use these is to set up a Check In board. You can use a small bulletin board or hang one of the small pocket charts from the Target Dollar Spots in a easy to see spot in your classroom. There are 8 groups signs included so you can divide your class into ability groups. You can assign different extensions and different amounts of extensions to different groups.
  • Circle the vowels 
  • Underline the blends 
  • Color the boxes with -r controlled vowels 
  • Picture should have enough details to show the setting 
  • Picture should have enough detail to show what is happening 
  • Use at least 5 colors in your picture 
  • Writing assignment #1: Use each word in a sentence 
  • Writing assignment #2: Write a story using the words on your assignment 
  • Writing assignment #3: Write a story using at least 6 words from the word bank 
My Morning Message packets uses a similar type of Check In board to differentiate. If you use those, your students are already trained in this system.

Each packet has enough assignments for a month - if you set up one assignment per month. I found the small pocket chart in the picture above at Target Dollar Spot.

It has only a few pockets and the BEST thing is the pockets at the bottom. I would recommend printing all of the word cards and storing them in this pocket. Take out the ones you need each week for that assignment. Store them in this pocket until the end of the month, gather them together, and then put them in a file until next year.
This is a sample from my November packet.

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