Super Bowl Sale: Goal Setting

The Super Bowl always makes me think of goal setting because this is the ultimate goal for all football players and fans of teams.  These teams wouldn't have made it to the Super Bowl without the proper equipment, skill, practice, and coaching.  

This can be easily applied to teaching.  Teachers are coaches who are helping their students reach their goals.  There are small, personal goals and team-wide (class) goals.  To reach these goals, teachers need equipment to help their team.  I have some FREE lessons for you.  Plus, during the Super Bowl game, I will have some Bonus Bargains for you.  You will also be able to save 20% on my entire store on Saturday and Sunday - in case you are going to a Super Bowl party.

If your class wide goal is to reach a certain score on the standardized test this spring, you will need test prep materials. Click HERE to check out test prep materials that can be used throughout the year.

Click HERE if helping early readers reach their potential is your goal.

Do you give the Dibel's Test or another test that tracks your students' fluency?  Check out these fluency activities.

Is Math Facts a class goal this year?  How about trying some of these fun ideas!

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Have you checked out the Puppy Bowl yet?  There is already pregame videos ready for your viewing pleasure.

In honor of the Puppy Bowl, on Saturday and Sunday, my followers will get the Read, Read, Read: Pets packet for FREE!  This packet includes a Spanish and English version plus there are extra visual supports which is great for RTI.

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