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Oh! the Places You'll Go! by Dr. Seuss is a book that the social committee at my former school gave to members of the staff when they moved away.  This was the perfect gift because it is full of advice when you are beginning a new adventure. 

When we start a new journey, we often need to be reminded of those things we've heard our parents, teachers, and others tell us.  In true Dr. Seuss fashion, he dispenses his timely wisdom in this book that can be easily used by a child who is moving to a new state, a student beginning college, or a adult who just retired.

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This is one of my favorite memes.  As a teacher, you would think I was one of those kids who instantly loved reading and was in the blue birds group in first grade.  You couldn't be further from the truth.  I did not fall in love with reading, for reading's sake until 3rd grade.  Up until this point, reading was a chore, much like making my bed.  Something I had to do because some authority figure told me I had to do it.  There was no love or interest on my part - whatsoever!  I often think as teachers we think a student who isn't a strong reader must have a learning disability.  Granted, a learning disability can cause frustration when a child is learning to read.  But, there are many students who aren't zooming up the reading levels because of a lack of interest or connection.  

So what changed you ask?  In 3rd grade, my teacher read the Little House on the Prairie series to my class.  At the time, the t.v. show based on this series of books with Melissa Gilbert was popular.  People told me that I looked like Melissa Gilbert.  Basically we both had brown hair and freckles.  But, I could completely relate to Laura from the book because she seemed to get in trouble with little effort on her part.  Her father seemed to understand her best.  Once I bought my first Little House on the Prairie book from the book order my passion for reading was ignited.  The more I read, the more my fluency improved, the more I wanted to read, my comprehension and reading level improved and it continued from there.  It was this long line of cause and effect.  You start the chain of reaction and positive things happen!  

I have this life long love of reading.  My husband at one point in our almost 25 years of marriage made a separate category in our electronic checkbook for books.  One year he asked me if I realized how much I had spent the previous year on books.  I looked at him and said, "And your point is . . . .? "  The first few things I look for when we move with my husband's job transfers is the number of local libraries, used book stores, and thrift stores with a good selection of books.  Can you relate?

When we moved to Chicago from Texas, our daughter was going through adjustments.  It is hard moving to a new state, new home, new school, new climate, both parents with new jobs, and all of the other adjustments.  The social worker at my school was one of those amazing types who went above and beyond for everyone.  My daughter didn't go to my school but my social worker had chatted with her when she was helping in my classroom.  I had asked my social worker if she had any advice for me to help my daughter.  She and the sweet librarian at my school gathered several books that had characters who had moved to a new school for my daughter to read. These characters gave my daughter someone she could relate to when she was having a tough time.  Books are a friend in good times and bad!

Books are a magical place to me!  You can travel back in time, to the future or to distant lands  . . .  all from the convenience of your classroom or home.

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Kara @ Happy Go Lucky made this adorable sign and even made it into bookmarks, too.  I thought you might like to print it and share it with your co-workers and students. I love it! 

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