Brain Breaks with an Easter Twist

Have your students caught spring fever yet?  Symptoms include wiggles, incomplete work, and frequent tattles.  If so, it is time to incorporate more brain breaks in your day. Movement helps cure spring fever.

Want to add an Easter twist to your brain breaks?  You can write down the activities that you currently do on pieces of paper and put these in plastic Easter eggs.  I just added a new FREE packet that includes Easter themed ideas that you can print, cut apart, and put in eggs.
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You can also put objects in an egg like the ones in the picture at the top of this post. Ask your students if they can figure out what the activity is based on what is inside the egg.  The free packet includes directions for the objects in the picture at the top of this post.

Your students will play Monkey see-monkey do like Simon Says.  Challenge the leader to give directions that are seasonally themed.

The red and green fuzzy represents the game stoplight.  Directions are included with the freebie packet.

Put googly eyes in your eggs and have your students play eye spy.  I have a couple of posts that give other suggestions for fun activities.

Be sure and check out my Brain Break Pinterest board for more "cures". Click on the picture below.

Do you have extra eggs?  I also have a FREE behavior incentive idea that uses plastic eggs.

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Fern has a few tips to share with you, too.  Hop over to her blog!

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Fern Smith's Classroom Ideas said...

I love this idea! Red light - green light was my favorite game! Fern :)

Fern Smith's Classroom Ideas said...

This is such a terrific idea, I loved Red Light - Green Light when I was in school! Fern :)