Listen & Draw: Spring, Earth Day, Easter, Weather and FREEBIE

Listening skills are so important!  Before you can effectively teach procedures and academic skills, your students need to listen and attend to what you are saying. Spring themed listening skills activities called "Listen and Draw" are included in this latest edition. 


I recommend doing this as a teacher directed activity in the beginning.  You may want to introduce this in a small group setting if your class has a wide range of abilities.  You can give different groups different expectations for the writing assignment portion of the activity.  There is an extra writing page included for your students who are ready to write a paragraph or story about the picture.


Once your students are comfortable with the format, you can record the directions or ask a parent volunteer to do it for you.  Or ask the drama department at your local middle school or high school if there is a student who is interested in doing this for you.  Students are often looking for community service opportunities.

After each step, either pause to give students time to do the work or use some type of noise maker like a bell or xylophone.  Tell your students to push the “stop” button when he/she hears the sound.  Push the “go” button after he/she follows the directions and is ready for the next step.  


This can be used many different ways.  
WRITING CENTER: Record the directions and set it up as a center.
EMERGENCY SUB PLANS:  Great activity for your sub.
R.T.I. DOCUMENTATION:  Great way to show proof of listening skills growth over time for R.T.I.
INSIDE RECESS - FRIDAY FUN DAY:  Students will love the art part of these activities.  You will love the fact that your students are quiet so they can listen to the directions.

This packet includes 
12 Listen and Draw activities with a spring theme.  For each activity there is:
-Teacher direction page
-Blackline student page

-Colorful page showing what the art portion of the listening activity could look like.  Art work answers may vary.

Here is a sneak peek at a few of the pages:

Weather is often taught in the spring.  Use this activity to extend your science lesson.

Spring time means it is time for Little League.  This baseball theme lesson the perfect spring time lesson.

This plant themed assignment will enrich your science lessons.

Easter is right around the corner.  You can use this to prepare your students for tests because students need good listening skills in order to do well on the test.

Add this Earth Day listen and draw activity to your lesson plans.  It is a great extension.

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