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Does your school use the Dibel's test?  After giving the Dibels, I found that I needed to strengthen my students' fluency skills. My schedule already seemed completely full. Where would I find more time to give my students practice reading so they could become more fluent readers?

One thing I found that helped with their fluency skills was making fluency centers one of my standard centers.  I knew I wanted this center to have the same format each week so I wouldn't have to explain the direction. This saves me valuable class time.  Plus, the center had to work with students on a wide variety of reading levels.

The answer was my Sentence Shuffle Centers which I have for reading levels K-5.  To honor our mothers, my Mother's Day Sentence Shuffle Center is FREE.  

I also have a Fluency Check Center that is FREE, too

Click on the picture above if you'd like to see more Sentence Shuffle Centers organized by reading levels.

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How do you incorporate fluency lessons during your day?

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