TEACHER TIPS: Discipline and Sick Days

Do you ever lose your voice at school?  It is almost a given for me that mine would get raspy or I would lose it completely at the most inopportune times.  You know those times when your REALLY need your voice . . . beginning of the year when you are teaching procedures, parent-teacher conferences, and field trips.  I can't tell you how many times I have lost my voice when I was feeling under the weather, too.  It was usually a case of allergies so I still went to school, but I didn't feel like being there.  When you add losing your voice on top of it, you have the makings a stressful day.
At the beginning of the year, I wrote a post that gave you tips for the beginning of the year.  One of those tips included something I have found that is a voice saver!  I stumbled onto using a voice amplifier when I had a student who received support services.  One of the modifications for this student was that I use small battery operated microphone that I wore when teaching.  I was pleasantly surprised to find that this not only helped the student that it was intended for but also my other students and me, too!  I found my other students tuned in more the year when I used the voice amplifier.  It worked as a visual and auditory cue system.  When I put it on my students knew I was getting ready to say something that they needed to pay closer attention. The sound of my voice projected better so I didn't strain my voice and it was easier for my students to hear it.  

After that experience I wanted a voice amplifier of my own to use each year.  Unfortunately, the system the district provided followed the student and the district didn't provide teachers a system without a student who needed the modification.  I was so happy when Voice Booster contacted me about their system because it is affordable.  The Voice Booster system starts at $59. Many P.T.A. groups are looking to purchase resources for teachers. This would be the perfect request because it helps all of the students and the teacher, too!
It turns out that I am not the only one who has had this same experience.  Other teachers who have purchased Voice Booster are finding it works the same way in their classrooms.  Michele Geoghegan is a kindergarten teacher at Longbranch Elementary School in Union, Kentucky.  Two and half years ago she began having trouble with her voice.  Her doctor diagnosed her with swollen vocal cords. One of her colleagues gave a presentation to her class using a personal voice amplifier.  She was amazed at how softly her colleague could speak using it.  After searching online she found the Voice Booster.  She said, "It was my saving grace!  I could talk softly and still be heard. One of the benefits of using it is my students stay engaged.  They focus in on the crisp clear sound and that is really makes my voice rise above the other classroom sounds."
Barbara Campbell is a primary grade technology teacher in Frankfort, Illinois.  Each week she teaches 780 students in grades K-2 that come to her computer lab.  As you can imagine, that requires a tremendous amount of strain on her voice working with that many students in that age range.  Especially when you factor in that they are facing a computer screen with their back facing the teacher.

On top of this, Barbara is also an accomplished singer.  Her voice gets a real workout.  Several years ago she learned that she was developing nodules on her vocal cords.   She went through voice therapy, began drinking extra water and using a voice amplifier.  The first amplifier she used was like an over the shoulder purse that used a hand held microphone that cost $450.  She was very happy when she found Voice Booster because it is more convenient to use in size, quality, and over the ear microphone.  The price is an added bonus!

Barbara said, "Without the Voice Booster she wouldn't be able to go on."

She has been using it for a number of years and has recommended it to a number of co-teachers including coaches and teachers who are outdoors with students frequently.

The picture above is a picture of me wearing the Voice Booster.  I thought you might like to see what it looks like so you can see how portable it is.  The battery pack is on my belt.

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Are you a visual person?  This is a quick, one minute video that shows you how to set up and put on the Voice Booster system.  Click HERE to watch the video.

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