Parent Teacher Conference - Stress Tips

Let's face it!  Parent-teacher conferences are stressful. It doesn't matter which side of the table you are sitting on, there is stress.  In fact, after I had my daughter, I decided that I prefer to sit on the teacher side of the table.

You can help your stress level, a little, if you prepare a stress kit.  Everyone reacts to stress a differently.  Many people, will tighten neck and shoulder muscles when stressed which leads to headaches.  My absolute favorite "go to" solution for this type of headache is the microwave heat pack that is pictured at the bottom of the picture.  Some are filled with rice or beans.  I heat mine in the microwave for 1 minute 45 seconds and wrap it around my shoulders.  My students quickly learned that when they saw that on my shoulders it was "speak quietly like a mouse" time.  It is a great visual cue for your class.  I kept one at school and one at home.  If that didn't do the trick, I used Tylenol. 

My stress kit includes:
  • Microwave heat pack: great for headaches
  • Tylenol: stress can lead to aches and pains
  • Hall Breezers throat drops: helps with throat irritation from the extra talking that you will do during conference time
  • Chapstick: Keep your lips moist with all of the talking
  • Chocolate:  Everyone has their favorite treat that gives them a little pick-me-up.  If Godiva is a special treat for you.  Pick up a little bag like the one in the picture and have a little treat between every few conferences.
  • The big bag of Epsom Salt is from Calgon. At the end of the day, let Calgon take you away!
If you are on the Sunshine or Social Committee, you could organize a couple of stress kits.  These would be great door prizes at faculty meetings.  Fun morale boosters during a hectic time of the year.  Need more Sunshine Committee ideas?  Click HERE.

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