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If you asked a teacher to name the top five stresses of his or her job, not able to meet the needs of all of the students is sure to make the list.  No matter how much time and effort is spent making the class lists, there is never a perfectly balanced class.  Whether it is the late enrollee, moving students from one class to another because of personality conflicts . . . .  a wide variety of skills is something that teachers face each year.  What is a busy, stressed-out teacher to do?

I have seen morning messages work magic with my students when I used them consistently.  The spiral review builds confidence with young readers.  The only problem with this for me was, I often was busy and either wrote a half-hearted morning message or skipped it.  I knew the value of them, yet I wasn't making it a priority.  It took quite a bit of time to write a quality message.

When I was making my maternity leave plans, I knew I wanted my students to be in a routine each day.  I wanted morning message to be a part of their day but I didn't want to make my long term sub responsible for writing them.  I came up with a new system that made it easier for me to write my messages, while still getting the same results academically with my students.  You can read my post 

If you have a wide range of abilities in your class this year, you can set it up as as writing center.

Put the levels of morning messages that you need in different colored folders.  In the picture above are levels Kindergarten - 3rd grade.  Each morning message packet includes an answer key so students can check their answers.  I put the answer key in a page protector along with a sheet of paper that is the same color as the folder.

I just added a December Mega Bundle: Kindergarten - 3rd grade.  This would be good bundle for special education teachers.  The bundle is sold at a 25% discount.  Some of these messages could also be used in other winter months.

Kindergarten - 3rd Grade

Do you only need a couple of grades levels or other months? If so, you can find links here.

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