1st Day After Winter Break - FREEBIE

The first day back from a school break can be a little hectic.  There have been years when I felt like it was the first week of school . . . . all over again!  It seemed like my students had forgotten all of our procedures in a very short time.  On top of it, my students came in overly excited.  They hadn't seen their friends in a while so they were chatty. They wanted to share what had happened during their break.

One of the best things I found to help was starting off the day with a "write and share" time.  I tell them that I want to hear all of the details of their break, but with 20+ students we don't have enough time to listen to long stories from each one.   So, my students write about their experiences in a little book.  My students will share one page from their book with the class.  This keeps them focused during share time.  These are great books to hang in the hallway.  They are excited to share their experiences so they put more effort into the assignment.

You can get a free copy of the Winter, Spring, or School Break book.

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