100th Day of School for 2nd Grade and Older


Do you celebrate the 100th day of school?  If you teach 2nd grade+, you may get a few "I've already done X, Y, or Z in kindergarten or first grade".  Why not take a social studies approach to this day instead of a making it a math day?  It is a fun way to honor this milestone and study history at the same time.

Students will look back in history 100 years.  Add a tech connection and investigate the following topics: exploration, transportation, commerce, political events, world/national events, and interesting facts.  Here is a form students can use to take notes from their investigation.  You can decide what they do with this information.  They could write a report, make a poster, or design an advertising campaign.

Students can also record their research on these foldables.

Students will do more research for this assignment to find out about life for children 100 years ago.  Fill out the graphic organizer and then write a story about it.  Afterwards, they will complete a Venn diagram comparing their life to children of 1915.

Morning work with a 100 years ago theme are also included.  There are three assignments plus answer keys.  You can either use these as morning messages or set it up as a writing center.

Of course, I had to add a math assignment.  It is a quick and easy one.  Students will survey their classmates to see if they would rather live today or 100 years ago.  Then they will graph their results.

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