R-Controlled Vowels: Reading Passages, Word Work, and more!

R-controlled vowels are one of those topics that I am always looking for new activities and new ways to practice these skills. I like to have activities I can add to center after I have introduced the skill.

I just finished a new packet with a variety of activities. I also made a free sample for your class.

The new packet includes picture and word cards. You can use these when you introduce the skill. Later use the cards with your reading group. You can also set the cards up in center so students can sort words and / or pictures.

Is your class wiggly? Another inside recess day? Why not attach the words and / or cards to a game like the bowling pins in the picture above. Students can work in partners or small groups. One person bowls the ball and knocks down pins. The student will say a word that has the same r-controlled vowel as the one on the pins knocked down. If there is a picture, students can say a word that rhymes.

The word ladder can be used with your reading group. Attach the picture or r-controlled vowel card to a stick and give your student a copy of the blackline word ladder. They can use these for a Read the Room center. Students will find things that make the same sound as the picture or sound on the stick. Great way to get your students up and moving!
There is a reading passage for AR, ER, IR, OR, and UR. Students will color code the words with r-controlled vowels.
There are 2 writing options for each r-control vowel. This is an open-ended assignment.
There are also quick prep word work assignments. Perfect for morning work, homework, and quick center to set up.
Would you like to try it before you buy it?

Sample R-Controlled Vowels

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R-Controlled Vowels

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