Valentine's Day Morale Booster

Valentine's Day is a fun time to do staff morale booster.  It has been a while since winter break and spring break is too far away.  This can be organized by the principal or sunshine - social committee.  One of my principals did this at my school and it was a hit!

Cut valentine's (the type that students exchange) into two parts.  Put one part into every staff member's mailbox on Valentine's Day or the last work day before Valentine's Day.
The object of this activity is for staff members to find their "match".  When we did this, staff members carried their valentine everywhere and if any other staff member walked by, they stopped to see if they were a "match".  Of course, our students knew about the activity so they watched the whole thing of teachers trying to line up their valentine to see if they were a match.  

It's funny how something so simple like this gets an entire school community talking and laughing.

Once you found your match, the two people took it to the principal or whoever organized the activity for a little treat.

If you want to make it extra fun, let the people who find their match, put their names in a drawing for a bigger prize like a gift card or an extra break.

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