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Have you heard of the Reading Highway?  It is an easy way to integrate social studies with reading.
Do you have a packed schedule this year?  Integrating my curriculum is one of the best ways I  have found to deal with the "too much curriculum and not enough time to teach it" problem.

Social studies is an easy subject to integrate with reading when your students are on the Reading Highway.  Set up a map like the one in the picture.  Give students a small picture of a vehicle to show on the map the setting of the book they are reading for Daily 5, SSR, D.E.A.R. time, or reading homework. 
There are many different ways to organize your class library.  You can pull some of the books from your collection and put them in regions of the United States (setting of the book).  Your students will soon begin to notice more (social studies) details in the story such as climate, landforms, etc.

Students can record the books they read on the book logs that are organized by regions of the United States, too.

Do you send home book bags?  This is a great way to engage students and parents in reading.  You can start small and have a few book bags that you send home to students once a month.  Example if you have 24 students, organize 6 bags.  Each week send home the book bags to 6 students.  Students will quickly learn if their assigned week is the first week of the month, second week of the month, 3rd or 4th week of the month.  

Book bags can have a theme or subject matter like the one in the picture.  These books are social studies topics.  I found the bags in Target Dollar spot.  Quick and easy way to integrate social studies and reading homework.

You can hold students accountable with their reading and integrate that with social studies using the Reading Highway forms above.  You can use these with the book bags, reading homework, Daily 5, literacy center, or other reading work.

Do you use morning messages?  Your students can learn facts about states while completing their morning work.  These are a good extension when your class is researching the states. Morning Message - Facts about States

What are the best book choices?  Biographies and Magic Tree House books are easy books to find the setting of the stories.  I have a Pinterest board with book lists and links to books set in states.

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