Hallowiener How To Writing, Making Words, & More!

Halloween is a fun holiday!  All of the planning for costumes, carving pumpkins, and decorating can spill over into the classroom.  By the time the actual day arrives, the energy level of students can be off the charts.  The last thing students need is a sugar-filled party.

Years ago, my reading specialist introduced me to the book, The Hallo-wiener, by Dav Pilkey.
 The other dogs in this story make fun of Oscar, the dachshund (wiener dog).  The other dogs rush off and leave Oscar when it is time to go trick-or-treating.  In the end, Oscar rescues them and they all end up as friends.

It is an entertaining book with a good message for children.
The Hallo-wiener  book sets the theme for the perfect fall - Halloween party.  For your next Halloween party have "hallo-wieniers"!  You can easily make these in the classroom with a crockpot.  Put the wieners in the crockpot standing upright.  Add water after you finish adding all of the wieners.  Turn the crockpot on and they will soon be ready.  You can serve chips and water bottles with it.  Notice there is nothing that screams sugar on the menu.  Your parents will thank you for not sending home their child on a sugar high.
Let your students complete this making words activity while the wieners are cooking.  Your students will make as many words as possible from the word "Hallowiener".  There are letter tiles at the bottom that they can cut and arrange to help with this activity.  This is also a fun partner activity.
Let your students write the steps of how to make a hot dog after they finish eating.  Encourage your students to use transition words like the ones in the picture above.

In the ideal world, all teachers would have involved parents who can lend a hand for activities like this.  Unfortunately, that is not everyone's reality.  I have organized a "Hallo-wiener" day with my class and managed it completely by myself.  My Hallo-wiener file includes a parent note asking for supplies.  Many parents are happy to send in supplies but may not have flexibility with their jobs.  I would suggest that the date you ask for supplies be a couple of days before the activity so you have time to purchase missing supplies.  Check out the preview file to see the other activities included with the file.

How do you celebrate Halloween with your class?

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