Independent Word Work for Fall: Making Words

Making words is a simple and easy-to-plan activity for Daily 5, literacy centers, seatwork, or homework.  One of the benefits of an assignment like the one in the picture above is students will differentiate the assignment INDEPENDENTLY.  Students working above grade level will make longer words. One page works for the entire class.
Cut out the letters at the bottom of the page.  Rearrange the letters to make new words.  This is beneficial for your extra support and enrichment student.  Bonus points for being hands on!
Are you a fan of interactive notebooks?  Students can choose words from their making words assignment for the foldable extension.
Need an easy November bulletin board?  Students use words from the Mayflower assignments to write a story on the suitcase accordian book.  The accordian book is a quick and easy bulletin board.
Do you have early finishers?  There are several extension assignments that you can give your students that finish early.
What type of making words activities
do your students like?

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