Classroom Management: Restroom Breaks

Are restroom breaks an issue with your class this year? Sometimes the issue is your schedule, other times it can be an avoidance behavior with your "frequent flyers", and in some cases there is a medical reason.

 Look for patterns when this is an issue for your class.  You can do this easily by having a chart like the one in the picture above.  Use the same chart with your class or give each student their own chart if it is an issue with a small group. Students circle the day of the week and write the time they left and returned.  Looking for patterns will help you get to the cause of the frequency of the breaks.
  • Did one of your students always ask to go to the restroom when it was math time?  Is it avoidance behavior or the time of the day when math is taught?
  • Do two students ask to go at the same time or close to the same time?  This may be a social issue.
I just added the chart to my Busy Teachers Forms and bundle of Teacher Forms.  If you previously purchased one of those, you may go to "my purchases" to download the form for free.

Want just the form?  You can get it here.

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athompson said...

I absolutely love that bathroom sign out sheet so I purchased the teacher forms and I do not see it there....

Michelle said...


The restroom sign out is on the last two pages of the file.
:) Michelle